Mold Inspection & Testing Services

Singapore has a tropical climate with high humidity that leads to damp and moisture problems in buildings, damage to the building fabric, and causing mold. Mold is a common health issue that can cause headaches, tiredness, breathing problems, allergic reactions, and more serious health impacts. Repeatedly wiping away surface mold is not a solution, first, we need to understand the underlying factors causing mold growth if we want to avoid mold and the associated health issues.

We investigate and use thermal infrared imaging for our expert mold inspections to identify hidden moisture, water ingress, and damp problems in buildings that cause mold. We detect the mold in the different modes including rising damp, condensation, and building fabric, water, and drainage systems in our assessment.

Mold Testing is a pivotal step in protecting your home or office. Mold Expert is a professional Mold Inspection, Mold Detection, and Mold Testing Company in Singapore. Our Mold Inspection includes visual inspection, thermal imaging, relative humidity, and temperature.

Mould Inspection & Testing

Whether you are buying or selling a home, renting properties, or own commercial real estate, a mold inspection singapore service is a must.

Visual Inspection

We use typical equipment such as infrared moisture detectors and moisture meters are used to help identify hidden sources of mold growth.

Tape/Swab/Bulk Sampling

The Mold Inspector collects the Tape/Swab/Bulk samples from suspicious growth in and around a building. It is gently wiped with a sterile swab or tape lift.

Air Sampling

Air sampling determines the type of number of airborne mold spores in the building.

Recommendations & Lab Results

The mold inspector will provide you with recommendations /protocol for cleanup if necessary.

Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing is a major step in the mold testing process. We at MOLDEXPERT have the most advanced technology to perform air quality testing that covers VOCs and many, many types of mold. If you want it done right, be sure to call us as we are the professional indoor air quality testing companies in Singapore.