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Mold Remediation

Mold is dangerous to your health and home. Mold can infest quickly into any home or business with the introduction of a water source. Mold Expert have a vast experience in handling Mold Inspection, Mold Treatment and Mold Removal Services Singapore. We have a professional team of mold experts in Mould & Mildew Removal and Mold Cleaning Services in Singapore.

Mold Remediation is a process of removing cleaning and treating surfaces and materials that are contaminated by mold or mildew. Depending on the mold type in the house and the effects of mold on the surface or material, the methods used for mold removal will vary.


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    How it works

    Get Rid of Mold
    in 3 simple Steps


    Mold Inspection

    Perform Mold Inspection with the help of mould expert.


    Mold Removal / Remediation

    Perform Mold cleaning and treating the surface using HEPA Vacuum.


    Mold Testing

    Perform Post remediation inspection to prevent further mold growth.

    Our Mold Remediation Process 

    The following steps, are implemented as per our company’s policy, as a basic process for a quick Mold / Mould Remediation.

    severely affected ceiling mold

    Mold Inspection 

    At first step, our Mold Specialist in Singapore will visit your premises and perform the Mold Inspection to assess the mold growth and identify the source of the moisture and how it gets into the home. Besides visible signs of Mold, sometimes invisible mold can be found out using invasive techniques.

    Mold Remediation plan 

    Before we begin mold treatment for walls, we document the mold situation with writing, photos and video. Our mold removal specialist will use the documentation to develop a mold remediation plan. The documentation can help us to point to larger trends in mold growth.

    Testing Mold

    Mold Containment 

    We figure out the level of mold contamination .To prevent the spread of mold, we seal the supply and return air diffusers. Calculating the extent of contamination level will impact the approach to mold removal and mold clean up. We perform Air Quality Inspections that test for a wide array of harmful substances as well as bacteria. We use (High Efficiency Particulate Air) HEPA Vacuum in our air filtration.

    Mold Removal and Remediation

    The process of Mold removal and remediation will always involve cleaning up existing mold while preventing from exposure to mold as well as preventing new growth by addressing the moisture source. First we need to repair the water problem and remove all wet & mold damaged porous materials. Place the discarded materials in plastic bags. Clean all the non-porous materials and wood surfaces that are moldy. Clean the affected area like, ceiling mold removal and bathroom ceiling mold removal with HEPA Vacuum. Conducting Visibility tests to ensure all areas are free of contamination and debris. Remove mould from ceiling and dry the clean materials using fans, dehumidifiers or raise the indoor air temperature. Finally, replace all the materials that were moved.

    Cleaning Mold

    Post-Remediation Inspection 

    The last step is to determine whether the mold clean-up was performed successfully and to check the possibility of mold regrowth.

    For further inquiries on Mold Inspection, Mold Treatment and Mold Removal Cost, Call Moldexpert- a Professional Mold Treatment Company in Singapore now!

    severely affected bathroom mold ceiling
    Technician applying anti-mold removal paint to a mold-affected surface
    Technician bio fogging to a mold-affected surface

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    What is a mold?

    A Mold is a type of fungus that grows best in warm, damp environments and multiplies as microscopic spores. While it travels through the air, it attaches to structures like drywall, flooring, and other materials in a home. Once it gets settled, mold in a house can multiply quickly in high humidity surroundings.

    As per the Center for Disease Control (CDC), if you see or smell mold, there is a potential health risk and you should hire a Professional Mold Testing Company in Singapore, like Moldexpert, for cleanup and removal.

    What causes mold?

    When moisture is present for an extended period, mold can grow almost anywhere. Microscopic mold spores travel through the air and settle. As the right condition takes place, mold or mildew multiply quickly, often going undetected, and become a problem inside your home.

    Where Does Mold Grow?

    Mold grows faster on most porous surfaces where there is damp stagnant air. Though it prefers temperatures above 60 degrees, it can also grow in cold temperatures. That’s why we can find it in a refrigerator. However, it is found in the following places:

    • Bedroom ceiling and walls
    • Bathroom ceiling
    • Wallpaper and drywall
    • Ductwork and ceiling tiles
    • Carpet, drapes, and furniture
    • Attics, basements, and crawlspaces
    • Books and magazines